30 Tech Books and Counting

Oswald Campesato, author of more than 30 technical books and a UCSC Extension instructor.

Congrats to Oswald Campesato, artificial intelligence instructor and tech author, who published his 30th tech book this year.

Campesato, MBA, MA, MIS, BSCS, BA, a software engineer with more than 20 years’ experience as a software developer, clearly loves learning.

This list of his books published just this year includes:

“I’m very fortunate to work with a fantastic publisher (we’ve known each other for 20 years) who invariably agrees with my suggested book topics,” Campesato says. “He gives me complete freedom to decide the actual content of each book, which enables me to focus entirely on the quality of the material.”

New AI Courses

Also in the last year, Campesato has developed advanced curriculum for several new courses at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, including:

He has helped us double the number of artificial intelligence-related course offerings at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension and launch this spring the first AI specialization—Enterprise AI Implementation.

“These new courses are substantively more difficult than our other AI classes, thereby enabling students to advance beyond our introductory DL and ML classes, which are taught at many universities,” Campesato says. “NLP and deep reinforcement learning  have significant importance in AI.”

He also teaches Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining and has been a featured speaker at career events, and a Meetup last summer about Deep Learning and CNNs.

The Next Book

Technologists can expect to see a new book—NLP and Machine Learning—in the near future.

“Unlike some other fields, there will always be opportunities to write new technical books because of advances in technology (especially in AI),” Campesato says. “Since I’m a fan of life-long learning, I’ll always be motivated to write books.”


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