The Exciting Growth of IoT

Just about every sector of consumer products and industry will be influenced by the IoT revolution creating many jobs in diverse industries. Learn more about the new UCSC Silicon Valley IoT specialization.

30 Tech Books and Counting

Oswald Campesato, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension instructor and author of more than 30 technical books, has developed much of our AI curriculum.

Upcoming trends in IoT

Getting world-changing data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors is a lot cheaper than it used to be thanks to new tools that retrieve data faster and more reliably.

IoT diagram of interconnected devices.

IoT skills and data-driven decisions

The $190 billion IoT market is expanding every day building a demand for people with a variety of tech skills. Learn about the market from four industry experts teaching in the new UCSC Extension IoT specialization.

The bright future of C programming

The people who know C, the second most popular programming language, are finding their jobs mostly in embedded system and semiconductor industries.

Big Data for Social Good

We need to ground our policy decisions in cross-disciplinary research—especially in an era of such ideological polarization.