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Is online learning working for you?

In the post-pandemic world, an open Silicon Valley campus will mean various channels of online learning for professionals who are upskilling for a brighter future. UCSC SIlicon Valley is heading there now.

Career wisdom from the rink

So much of our career success is determined by where we set our gaze, the goals we set for ourselves, the relationships we build and the risks we take. When I was growing up, I was fascinated by computer technologies. I dove passionately into the world of technology and it has been quite a journey. 

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Diversity in leadership

Much has been said in recent years about diversity and inequity in the workplace. Here in Silicon Valley, corporate leaders have promised to increase diversity for years. Many past efforts, however, have only been marginally effective, at best. The historic legacy has been difficult to shift.

Fostering diversity: 3 Tips

Understanding bias is a journey of our cultural history and ourselves. Here are three quick tips to help you begin your journey to creating a more equitable and inclusive world.

The Exciting Growth of IoT

Just about every sector of consumer products and industry will be influenced by the IoT revolution creating many jobs in diverse industries. Learn more about the new UCSC Silicon Valley IoT specialization.

Putting Agile to Work

Neville Mistry, a project management consultant at Kairos Power, juggled multi-million-dollar project management responsibilities for several years before returning to school to boost his career.

Staff Highlight: Connecting our LGBTQ+ youth

Sara Osheim, a UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Student Services representative, is making a difference with “Queer Youth Updates,” a creative monthly newsletter for the Santa Cruz community.

Virtual nature vacations with UCSC

The the UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserves System has been sharing some of its treasures in brief captivating videos of five regional ecosystems that ring the Monterey Bay.

30 Tech Books and Counting

Oswald Campesato, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension instructor and author of more than 30 technical books, has developed much of our AI curriculum.

Where were the job gains last month?

The recent spike in unemployment has shaken up the typical unemployment trends in California, pushing up smaller, rural communities in the rankings. The Silicon Valley region dropped to No. 5 in unemployment, tied with Modoc County.

8 Estate Planning Misconceptions 

Learn about how to set up your estate plan and how to help clients set up an integrated life plan in a 10-week UCSC Silicon Valley Extension finance course.

Professional advice in the COVID age

In this video by P.K. Agarwal, dean of UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, you’ll hear some tips for navigating the professional world during the pandemic.

Upcoming trends in IoT

Getting world-changing data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors is a lot cheaper than it used to be thanks to new tools that retrieve data faster and more reliably.

Making sense of the economic numbers

Here’s a context for the current challenging economic times due to the coronavirus. Remember: this too shall pass, says P.K. Agarwal, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension dean.

IoT diagram of interconnected devices.

IoT skills and data-driven decisions

The $190 billion IoT market is expanding every day building a demand for people with a variety of tech skills. Learn about the market from four industry experts teaching in the new UCSC Extension IoT specialization.

Expanding your procurement skills

Want to rise to the top for your organization? Build your soft skills and knowledge of other disciplines, says the founder of the UCSC Extension Procurement and Supply Chain Management program.


The sea as a second home

Carl W. Rand, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension project manager for staff and instructor, says the job is like being the navigator on a ship.

Members of the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Business Administration Advisory Board

Welcome to the new Business Administration Advisory Board

Welcome to our new Business Administration Advisory Board members who had a coast-to-coast virtual kick-off meeting last night and began laying the groundwork for retooling our highly interactive training program for business professionals in the age of COVID.

Emerging From the Chaos: A More Successful You?

Now that we’re looking at an extended period of living mostly within the confines of our own homes and working remotely, it may be the perfect time to refocus our professional outlook and reflect on how to push forward even while the ground is shifting below us. Is there an opportunity in this crisis that we come out of it more successful, personally and professionally?

Bioinformaticians and the data of our lives

Central in the battle against today’s global health pandemic is an enormous, growing trove of data and the bioinformaticians who are working to make sense of it all. Join us for a week-long free webinar series introducing our new courses in the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Bioinformatics certificate program.