You’re hired. What’s your next move?

Before you start your new job, you can prepare, meet the boss, set up, a plan to advance your career, and scope out the organization’s needs.

Dean PK Agarwal offers up these tips to get started, even before you start your job.

Acing the Final Interview

In the job search journey, when you finally get to talk to the hiring manager, it’s the most competitive it’s going to be. Everyone in the candidate pool is qualified to do the job. Learn more about how you can differentiate yourself in this blog by UCSC Santa Cruz Dean P.K. Agarwal.

Ready for the 10-minute phone interview?

There are several key steps to securing a new job. In this blog, UCSC Silicon Valley Dean PK Agarwal talks about how to ace the initial interview with a hiring manager.

A hand putting flags on a resume to highlight key points.

Getting your foot in the door

Applying for a job can be a daunting task, here’s part 3 in a blog series about the job search—a step-by-step strategic map for the job hunt by UCSC Extension Dean P.K. Agarwal.

He’s included a few great tips for ensuring you have the best chance for success…

people walking up a spiral staircase looking out at the future

Laid off. Crisis or Opportunity?

We’ve seen thousands of layoffs in the San Francisco Bay area alone and if you’ve experienced this kind of sudden change, it can be an emotional roller coaster. Here’s some advice from UCSC Silicon Valley Dean P.K. Agarwal about how to set yourself for a better opportunity.