UCSC Extension steps up to train the next generation of supply chain managers

Companies are recognizing the value of skilled supply chain managers who can affect the bottom line.”

Darin Matthews, Founding Chair, Procurement and Supply Chain Management Certificate Program

In the Central Valley where business, agriculture and technology meet innovation, it’s no surprise that demand is growing for professionals skilled in logistics and procurement.

“Companies are recognizing the value of skilled supply chain managers who can affect the bottom line,” says Darin Matthews, director of Procurement & Supply Chain Services for UC Santa Cruz.

Matthews, a prolific author and speaker on the topic, has created a state-of-the-art Procurement Supply Chain Management certificate program at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension in Santa Clara. Supply chain courses, taught by Matthews and other working professionals in the field, are scheduled for the spring and summer.

Matthews, who also serves as co-chair of the UC Sustainable Procurement working group, has taught supply chain management courses for more than a decade. He has launched the new Silicon Valley program to train the next generation of logistics and procurement professionals who are facing unique challenges in the increasingly automated industry.

“Supply chain is no longer about product inventory and stacking shelves,” Matthews says, noting the impact of huge technological advancements such as artificial intelligence and robotics. “The supply chain professional is now part of the senior leadership in an organization and can have a huge impact on the bottom line.”

The industry draws professionals from finance, transportation, sales, marketing, project management, and technology. Sustainable chain strategies, contract negotiation, global procurement strategies, new technologies, and supply chain data analytics are all part of the accredited and UC-approved curriculum.

“Every purchase has the ability to impact the environment, human health, and the local economy,” Matthews said. “At UCSC, sustainability is part of who we are.”

Supply chain management courses start soon. For more information, visit the UCSC Extension home page or contact our Outreach Team at (408) 861-3860, ExtensionProgram@ucsc.edu.

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